Prompt: Writing from Images

Write a poem, flash fiction story, or prose sketch inspired by one (or all) of the following images (click to enlarge).


(If you’d like to write with a particular publisher in mind, 100 Word Story and sometimes penny zine have visual prompts for submissions. Please read previously accepted submissions, carefully edit, and adhere to submission guidelines.)

Prompt: One Sentence Poem

For this exercise, write a poem in only one sentence. For an extra challenge, use proper grammar and punctuation, and at least one line break.

One Sentence Poem Examples:
Dad Bod
Them Tunes

For examples by writers other than myself, or if you’re excited about what you’ve made and would like to have it considered for publishing, read some of the submissions (and submission guidelines) at One Sentence Poems.

Prompt: Setting

Write a poem or prose sketch, or create an image, that characterizes someone through their setting.

What does the smell say about the occupants habits? Is s/he neat, messy? What interests/hobbies do you find in the possessions?

Have fun and feel free to link or copy your prompt piece bellow!

I’ve copied mine into the fiction section.

silverteaset cactuses classydinner

Prompt: Senses

Write a poem or prose sketch directly using all the senses except sight.

Ex. “I smelled musty wood creaking under my feet. I could taste salt on my lips from my clammy hands brushing against them. My skin pickled; the damp air pulling goosebumps up through my skin….”

This exercise is great for those of us who are prone to sight heavy descriptions and are missing out on the immersive qualities of multi-sensory imagery.

Have fun! And feel free to share your response in the comments


Exercise: Traced Leaf Card

This exercise doesn’t have to be fussy. Feel free to keep your strokes loose and mind relaxed.

  • Collect some leaves sized appropriately for your paper
  • Trace them
  • Color them in with your favorite medium

When this exercise is done with small leaves, it can make cute autumn cards for friends and family.



Experimenting with different compositions


Traced leaves


Starting to paint