Saranac Lake Photos: Part V (Canoe Trail)

Laura helped me out taking some pics of our destination at Hoel Pond after we’d finished our canoe trail walk.

Saranac Lake Photos Part IV: (Swamp)

My good friends, the Ouellets, and I camped beside a swamp. One morning, Laura and I decided to walk around it. We discovered evidence of beavers, Middle-Earth spiders, and swamp beasts!



Saranac Lake: Part II (Tree Formations)

My good friend Laura (in red), her dog Buddy, and I took a canoe trail between Polliwog Pond and Hoel Pond. These are some of the tree formations we found on our way: twisted, fallen, clawed, hollow, and alphabetical O.O

Saranac Lake Area: Part I (Campsite)

This past August, my good friends the Ouellets and I went camping in the Saranac Lake area. We pitched our tents at this walk-up campsite just across from Polliwog Pond. My animal loving friend Laura brought her beautiful dog Buddy for the trip and wooed a chipmunk to her feet (and took a snapshot of him/her!).