Fair Trade Options for Christmas

In the last few weeks before Christmas, many of us will be buying extra to prepare for  holiday gifts and baking. For those who are interested in finding fair trade options, here are just a few you can easily order online. (This is written primarily for Canadian shoppers, but I’ll try to make note of American and European options where possible)

Mec has a (small) selection of fair trade clothing for both men and women, including some mens shoes. They also stock organic and recycled options.

Nomads Hemp Wear sells both men’s and women’s fair-trade clothing.

Nomads fair trade fashion if you live in the UK, or don’t mind paying £ and international shipping, Nomads offers a wide selection of women’s clothing.

Prana has both women’s and men’s fair-trade clothing, as well as recycled and organic options.

Patagonia offers men’s and women’s clothing that is certified for fair-trade sewing.

Ten Thousand Villages (again! they have almost everything!) has socks, scarves, hats, bags, wallets, jewelry. Unfortunately, there’s not as much selection for men’s items.

Shoes and Boots
Oliberté produces all of its shoes in a fair-trade certified factory. You won’t find running shoes or winter boots here, but they do carry a selection of light-weight boots and shoes (mostly leather or suede). Three of these men’s shoes models can be found at Mec.

Ten Thousand Villages also carries fair trade tea (and coffee). I particularly like the giftability of their Friendship Teas that come packaged in tins.

David’s Tea has some fair trade options. Their blog claims up to twenty. However, I could only find a couple of fair-trade labelled options online. Perhaps they carry more in store?

Ten Thousand Villages carries Divine brand Mint and Ginger things and adorable collections of assorted mini chocolate bars, among other things.

Amazon is worth searching, several brands of fair trade chocolates can currently be ordered from this convenient site. I particularly like this boxed sampling collection by Green and Black’s Organics.

Galerie au Chocolat (aka Jelina Chocolatier) carries some fair trade options (and is made in Canada!)

Mec carries a selection of fair trade goodies. So while you’re restocking the camping gear and preparing for a cross-country bike, buy some chocolate!

Baking Supplies*
Ten Thousand Villages has most of your baking needs ready to deliver to your door: spices, sugar, molasses, baking chocolate, chocolate chips.

This list is far from exhaustive. If you have favorite fair-trade products or stores, feel free to add them below.

*It’s worth checking your local drugstore, dépanneur, or grocery store for fair trade options, especially for chocolate, coffee, cocoa, and sugar. On rare occasions, I’ve found such prizes as fair trade bananas!

Also, I didn’t list amazon for every item. It’s a little unpredictable what you can and cannot find, but it’s always worth giving a search there too, especially if you find yourself on Amazon as often as I do.


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