“Unpaid” Work

The following is a journal excerpt from 2012. Unfortunately, I didn’t date it exactly. But it’s a train of thought I’ve kept in the back of my mind since then:

“Since graduating, some obvious obligations have come about, such as earning a living. As with many people, I can be someone of extremes.

However, when a few weeks ago, I sketched out my schedule for a mishmash of part-time jobs for the coming summer and discovered, I had booked potentially a 50 hour work week [plus commute times], a thought hit me. Perhaps I need to make time to continue pursuing things other than income. Money isn’t the only thing that can be shared. God’s created me to enjoy writing, music, art, sports, and people; even though these interests rarely earn me money to give away, they are assets God considered worth making in me. So I gather, they’re things worth investing time, energy, and effort in. They are work worth sharing and doing even though they don’t earn money.”

It’s worth noting that I didn’t need to work 50hrs/week to cover living expenses. I’m not suggesting we go in debt, but I could have stayed well within my means and diverted several hours to other “work”.

(Thankfully, in the end, a family I was supposed to babysit for cancelled, so my schedule was less hectic than expected)


Photo Credit: Pixabay, artbaggage

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