No Minor Crisis

After reviving from vigorous resting
and finding an abundance of emptiness
in the high middle part of her front
the aging infant decided
to express her sweet sorrow.

At all times previously
even her quiet riots
had been greeted with a small
bottled feast.
But today, there arrived a new norm.
Solid mush.

Clearly confused, she lapsed into
a deafening silence and in precisely
a moment, exploded.
Having made clear to her parents
their only choice, a bottle appeared

This was a near miss, she was sure,
to becoming extinct. This my friends,
she would later relate in the nursery,
In my unbiased opinion,
was no minor  crisis.


This poem was created as an oxymoron exercise.

Photo Credit: Flikr, krismc2011, Kris McGuire,

Photo Credit: Flickr, krismc2011, Kris McGuire, “A very small baby bottle,” April 27, 2012

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